Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Not sure if anyone even follows us anymore! LOL! I haven't updated in an eternity! I'm living in Claremore with the bebes and we have the cutest house ever with a nice yard and I'm nursing!! Just starting a new job that pays more and gives me more time with the boys. Both boys are in school now! Kaiden is 6 and in 1st grade. His teacher is Mrs. Self and she was my first grade teacher!! Kalan is 4 in Pre K and his teacher is Mrs. Fleming. The boys are a hoot! Kaiden is learning to read so well! And Kalan is obsessed with manors and what he learns in school its hilarious! I'm on a hiatus from men for a bit. After me and the Ex hubby split he started dating one of my friends and I was single for a while and then dated this guy but that didn't work out. I'm pretty content with being alone. Still got guys that are comin after me, but you know what they want! LOL! UGHH! Will men ever change and grow up? And I'm not into the whole lesbian deal so my option left is single, working, and my bebes! I love them so! My family is here so thats great! My sister and me are closer than I ever thought possible! My mom and me talk me and my dad not so much, but that's another story! I'm on Facebook! Find me and you can see our pics!

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aka jeter said...

Nice game last night. Lol you should look me up on face book. Shown Petross. Aka Jeter